Employment pathways for CAPIM graduates

CAPIM graduate Victoria Mentor’s connection to industry partners through her Masters research has resulted in full time employment with BlueSphere Environmental. 

Victoria recently finished her Master of Science (BioSciences) at CAPIM.  Her research focused on understanding the effects of microplastics and co-pollutants on the swimming behaviour of the marine amphipod Allorchestes compressa, supervised by Dr Allyson O’Brien, Dr Bradley Clarke and Assoc. Prof. Anthony Boxshall.

Through CAPIM, Victoria gained valuable knowledge about procedures used in industry related to her area of research.  She used this knowledge to contribute to industry risk assessments and standard operating procedures. Being part of CAPIM gave her the opportunity to converse with other students about their projects, present her own research and gain valuable feedback from other students about improvements.  After finishing her degree Victoria secured full time employment with BlueSphere Environmental working across several projects in the field and office.

CAPIM plays a vital role connecting student researchers to industry partners, giving them practical experience and access to networks that support pathways towards employment.

Congratulations, Tori from all of us at CAPIM !!

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