Webinar [recording]: Why we need to pay more attention to microplastics in soil.

 A HydroTerra webinar in collaboration with The University of Melbourne 

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We have all heard about the vast environmental impacts of plastic pollution around the globe, particularly in the oceans, yet very few people are aware that our terrestrial environments receive more plastic than our oceans! The impacts of microplastics on soil ecosystems and the human food chain is largely unknown. Scary!

In this webinar, Richard Campbell (Managing Director, HydroTerra) will be joined by Professor Suzie Reichman from The University of Melbourne to discuss the fate and behaviour of microplastics in soils and the impacts that this causes on human health. Suzie is Director of the Centre for Anthropogenic Pollution Impact and Management (CAPIM), she is currently undertaking research projects exploring the impacts of contaminants, including microplastics and PFAS, in soil.

This event was held on Friday 10 February 2023

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