Webinar [recording]: DNA metabarcoding for assessing biodiversity.

 A HydroTerra webinar in collaboration with The University of Melbourne and CAPIM.

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Globally, invertebrate biodiversity is on the decline for a number of reasons. Monitoring invertebrate species, which is crucial for understanding and conserving the population, can be made far easier using DNA methods, such as DNA barcoding and metabarcoding. These methods allow for the rapid and cost-effective identification of species for monitoring environmental change.

In this webinar, Richard Campbell (Managing Director, HydroTerra) will be joined by Melissa Carew from The University of Melbourne.  Melissa is an entomologist and geneticist, and has been a pioneer in development of DNA tools needed to monitor invertebrate biodiversity in Australia and is continuing research in this area. Melissa’s current research involves creating the DNA barcodes needed for routine identification of Australian invertebrate species. Her research is also developing high-throughput DNA metabarcoding for the rapid cost-effective monitoring and assessment of invertebrate biodiversity.

This event was held on 24 February 2023

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