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Contact us to discuss membership, or for more information about collaborating with CAPIM, including our expertise, facilities and project opportunities.


CAPIM has three membership options (core, associate and subscription) that offer a range of benefits to member organisations.  CAPIM members gain access to a range of benefits including:

  • Global Translational Research Leaders: A world-leading multidisciplinary research team focused on working with you to solve your pollution problems with a demonstrated history of delivering globally recognised translational research.
  • Real-world understanding of your needs: CAPIM researchers have worked in and with Industry and Government organisations in many different jurisdictions. We understand how translational research works.  CAPIM has the internal processes and experience to manage the inevitable commercial or other potential conflicts of interests that arise with multiple partners with differing roles in pollution impact and management.
  • Access to innovation: Core members have first access to innovations from CAPIM for use in commercial or government programs.
  • Experts: Core members have access to world-leading expertise on tap for targeted responses to problems with short timeframes.
  • Leverage: Significant leverage for any funding invested


View the CAPIM brochure and prospectus for more information about member benefits and costs.

CAPIM Brochure

CAPIM prospectus

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