2016 Participants Forum

The CAPIM Participants Forum is an annual event providing an opportunity for water experts from academia and industry to be informed about the latest research on aquatic pollution and its impact on the environment.
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Steve Marshall and panel members Clare Fenby (Hume City Council) and Betrand Salmi (Water Technology Pty Ltd).
Tara Daw Quadros (EPA), panel member.



Synthetic pyrethroid occurrence and distribution – emerging chemicals of concern
by Steve Marshall (CAPIM)
Ecological toxicity of freshwater pollution by Dr Katy Jeppe (CAPIM)


SETAC Global Horizons Australian Workshop by A/Prof Vincent Pettigrove (CAPIM)
Forum: How science can support the management of emerging issues in aquatic pollution facilitated by Dr Dave Sharley and Steve Marshall (CAPIM)


New tools to detect ecological effects of contaminants in estuaries
by Dr Sara Long and Dr Allyson O’Brien, CAPIM
When good animals love bad restored habitats: how maladaptive habitat selection can constrain habitat restoration by Dr Rob Hale (CAPIM associate)
Monitoring macroinvertebrates for managing fish in the Goulburn Broken catchment, by Dr Kallie Townsend and Cameron Amos (CAPIM)
Merri Creek Waterway Investment Prioritisation
by Matt Vogt (Yarra Valley Water) and Sarah Watkins (Melbourne Water)


Development of in situ monitoring tools for ecological assessment
by Dr Claudette Kellar (CAPIM)
The use of Solea spp. as a sentinel species in Europe
by Dr Montserrat Sole (Institute of Marine Sciences (ICM-CSIC), Spain)