Opportunities for industry and government

CAPIM collaborates with government and industry on interdisciplinary pollution research that provides solutions for a healthier, safer and more sustainable future.  We invite you to collaborate with us. 

CAPIM Members and non-member organisations are invited to collaborate on individual projects.

We work across government, industry and research organisations to scope and co-design applied pollution research and commissioned research projects.  Our industry and government members and collaborators have access to specialised training opportunities and our talent pool of research students (honours, masters and PhD) and early career researchers.

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Become a Member of CAPIM

CAPIM has three membership options (core, associate and subscription) that offer a range of benefits to member organisations.

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Collaborate on commissioned projects with CAPIM

CAPIM collaborates with organisations on short-term and long-term applied pollution research and projects.  The interdisciplinary nature of CAPIM means that we can build a team with the necessary experience and expertise to undertake and deliver research or project that meets your organisation’s needs.

CAPIM invites members and non-member organisations to collaborate with us.  

We work with you to co-design research and projects that:

  • Ensure funding directly targets your specific research and development needs.
  • Provide tailored, practical outcomes for your organisation.
  • Uphold research excellence.

Please contact the CAPIM Director to discuss collaborating with CAPIM, or for more information about CAPIM’s expertise and facilities, project and funding options.

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