Freshwater Macroinvertebrates

This area of research focuses on assessing the effects of pollutants and other stressors on macroinvertebrate communities in freshwater ecosystems.

Cameron Amos sorting macroinvertebrates on site after collection.

Freshwater macroinvertebrates

This area of research focusses on the ecology of aquatic macroinvertebrate communities in freshwater ecological systems. Our current aim is to understand effects of contaminants and other stressors on the distribution, abundance and functional roles of individual, population and community organisation levels of macroinvertebrates.

Freshwater macroinvertebrates assessments are conducted in the field (e.g. rapid bioassessment, artificial substrates, in situ caging, microcosms) and laboratory (e.g. toxicity and biomarker testing) and strongly support many sub themes in aquatic ecology, ecotoxicology and monitoring and assessment.

Outcomes of this research will contribute to identifying the primary stressors responsible for biological impairment and maintaining and or restoring healthy freshwater ecosystems.

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