Marine Ecology

We are developing genomics approaches using DNA-sequencing technologies to assess biodiversity in freshwater and marine environments.

Marine Ecology

This research contributes to the estuarine component of CAPIM and focusses on the resilience of coastal and estuarine ecosystems. In particular, we aim to develop a better understanding of their response to stress and the factors that influence their recovery.

There are three broad themes for this research:
1. Understanding how multiple stressors combine to affect coastal ecosystems
2. Developing better ways of measuring the effects of toxicants
This ranges from assessing the behaviour and reproduction of individual organisms to using new molecular tools (e.g. metabolomics and DNA metabarcoding) to measure biological communities more accurately and cheaply.
3. Designing environmental monitoring programs to inform broad decision-making processes.

For more information, please contact Professor Michael Keough

Cheviot Beach
Cheviot Beach, Victoria, is a long term intertidal monitoring study site.