CAPIM Pollution Research Showcase 

In May 2022, CAPIM held its inaugural Pollution Research Showcase bringing together 80 industry, government, and universities representatives. The event opened with a plenary address from EPA Victoria’s Chief Scientist, Mark Taylor, followed by a showcase of CAPIM research initiatives:
• DNA approaches for assessing macroinvertebrate biodiversity
• Melbourne TrACEES Platform – analytical capabilities to support studies in environment and pollution
• Atmospheric monitoring (AirLab)
• Impacts of noise pollution on acoustic communication in frogs and birds
• Tools for water quality assessment – for environmental monitoring and water treatment efficiency
• Ecological impacts of environmental pollutants in aquatic ecosystems
• Mitigation of nitrogen pollution
• stormwater and contaminants after infiltration
• Defining the impacts of endocrine disrupting chemicals on human health

Thank you to our speakers: Robyn Schofield, Margie Mayfield, Melissa Carew, Alex Duan, Robyn Schofield, Kirsten Parris, Mayumi Allinson, Stephen Swearer, Emma Liang, Meenakshi Arora, Gerard Tarulli.